Magdalena Special Hospital for Cardiovascular Surgery and Cardiology - Zagreb & Krapinske Toplice

Magdalena is a center for cardiovascular disease. It aims to reduce the incidence and consequences of cardiovascular disease in the society through the systematic improvement of preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and continuous education of medical professionals and scientific research.
Experienced healthcare professionals perform all non-invasive and invasive cardiovascular diagnostics, percutaneous and surgical cardiovascular treatment.


  • Zagreb: capital and largest city in Croatia
  • Krapinske TopliceAround 50 km from Zagreb
  • Population:            Country: 4,480,043 / City: Around 800,000 / Municipality: Around 6,000


Specialized in cardiovascular diseases
  • Cardiology
  • Cardiac surgery
  • Vascular surgery
  • Anesthesia, Reanimation and Intensive care unit
  • Call center


  • 2 Operating rooms
  • 2 Angiography rooms


Total number of beds: 104

Human resources:

Around 300 employees in total
  • Medical staff: 166
  • Technical staff: 21
  • Administration employees: 17
  • Others: 80

Partnering Doctors:

  • Prof. Bernat: Head of the department of cardiology 
  • Prof. Sesto: Medical director