Tokuda Hospital - Sofia

Tokuda Hospital Sofia is a part of the largest private health care provider chain in the world operating over 280 medical facilities- Tokushukai Japan. The hospital is a Japanese project – the first of its kind outside of Japan. It officially opened on 29th November 2006. The structure of the hospital is multidisciplinary and almost all medical disciplines are covered here. The high qualification of medical doctors and healthcare professionals, the superb facilities and modern equipment are fundamental preconditions for the execution of numerous highly specialized procedures, unique for the region and even worldwide. 

As the coordinating liaison among the investigators, sponsors, Institutional Review Board (the Local Ethics Committee) BDA and other institution involved in the process of clinical research, TOKUDA CLINICAL RESEARCH CENTER (TCRC) represents a unique for Bulgaria structure, which provides top quality support and core services essential for the efficient and ethical conduct of clinical research.



  • Sofia: capital and largest city in Bulgaria
  • Population         Country: 7,282,041 / City: around 1.3 million (15th largest country in the EU)


Multi-Service medical Center
  • Cardiology
  • Cardiac surgery
  • Vascular surgery
  • Anesthesia, Reanimation and Intensive care unit
  • Neurology
  • Internal medicine
  • Radiology


  • 3 Operating rooms
  • 2 Angiography rooms
  • Radiology (CT, MRI...)


Total number of beds in cardiovascular wards: 90
divided into:
  • Cardiology departement
  • Interventional cardiology departement
  • Cardiac surgery departement
  • Vascular surgery departement     

Human resources:

Over 1,230 employees in total
  • Physicians: over 230
  • Cardiac surgery: 24 physicians, 50 paramedical staff & technical staff
  • Cardiology Department: 19 physicians, 27 paramedical staff

Partnering Doctors:

  • Dr. Gelev: Head of the department of cardiology
  • Dr. Nikolov: Head of the department of cardiac surgery 
  • Prof. Chervenkov: Head of Clinic of Vascular surgery
  • Dr. Vloka Koleva: Radiologist
  • Prof. Kirova: Head of the Imaging Diagnostic Department
  • Dr. Simeonov: Head of Anesthesiology and Intensive care